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Web Design

HTML | HTML5 | CSS | CSS3 | Javascript | jquery

Graphic Design

Corporate Branding | Print | Logo


HTML5 Video | CSS3

Video/Flash Animation



Creativity with other mediums | Photography

flashy flash stuff

Swooshy animations, multimedia, ad production and websites

COLORADO SPRINGS UTILITIES - Flash animated takover ad using doubleclick studios.

Web design

Design it, code it, and see it live.

Graphic design

making things pretty

DISCOVER SAN CLEMENTE - Discover San Clemente is a monthly spread that gets printed in the OC Registers - OC Home Magazine. They feature small unique stores in the San Clemente area.

BLACK STARR FROST - OC Register Newspaper - Spadea

ST JOHN - OC Register Newspaper - Doubletruck Breakout

UNIQLO - OC Register Newspaper - Spadea

WORLDCUP - OC Register Newspaper - Budlight ad campaign

BEST OF ORANGE COUNTY - Media kit, Banners ads, and newspaper ads.

mobile friendly

Taking the web everywhere, being responsive to all your devices.

ANGELS BASEBALL - Interactive iPad ad for the Angels Baseball team. This inovative ad uses pinch technology as we launched on the Orange County Register's iPad app called the Peel.

DISCOVERY SCIENCE CENTER - Interactive iPad ad for Discovery Science Center, featuring Star Wars. Client wanted to animate the different Star War spaceship in space and the click into a spinning cube that replicated the Discovery Center Cube itself.

JOHN WAYNE - Interactive iPad ad for John Wayne Airport. Client wanted to animate your view of Cabo San Lucas through an airplane window.

KOHLS CAMPAIGN - Mobile and iPad micro sites using facebook integration, jquery galleries, and geo location technology.

DEAL OF THE DAY - Mobile signup landing page for Deal of the Day.

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